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One thing none of us can do without. The backbone of all home automation systems is the lighting control. When incorporated into different scenes, lighting will create mood and ambience. Whether you have some friends over for a braai and football or just a romantic “stay-in”, you can create the perfect setting with the push of a button on your touch screen, tablet or smart switch. Walking into areas like the garage, pantry, scullery or store room will automatically switch the lights on when movement is detected by the integrated security motion sensors. Upon exiting the area, lights switch off, saving you money. In corporate environments lighting and light levels are governed by legislation & here also an automation system is indispensable. To achieve energy savings, lighting is automatically adjusted to provide only the specified light levels by means of light (lux) level sensors. This means that lights will dim when enough ambient light is available and brighten when it becomes dark outside. In addition, motion sensors are also used to only switch lights upon detected movement of people.


Security & Access Control

Can you put a price on your family’s safety? Olanna Technologies uses only a selected range of top-quality professional security systems as part of your home automation package. These selected alarm systems all have dedicated interface modules that allows seamless integration to the automation backbone and the rest of the electronic systems.

These modules will ensure fully fledged security features as expected from a professional security panel. In addition, it will provide the interface that can utilize the motion sensors to activate your lights and cameras.

Push notifications of alarm events can be sent straight to your phone. This will ensure that you are informed when any condition at your house occurs, that you want to be notified about.

Voice announcements can also be made by the security system over the whole-house distributed audio system’s speakers. This can notify you in advance of any trespasser lurking around on your property.

Integrated intercom and access control devices like biometric readers provide another layer of security to the modern household.

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Seeing is believing. As with our entire range of products, we use only the best quality surveillance cameras available, without breaking your budget. The CCTV cameras used are all IP (network) cameras that will be integrated to the automation system. This feature will allow your cameras to be displayed on any home automation touch screen, TV set or smart device such as your iPad. Our range of cameras include bullet, dome as well as hemispheric cameras. All cameras include infrared illuminators to enable night-time viewing.

Integration of the CCTV system to your home data network will ensure that all cameras can be viewed on your iPad, iPhone or Android device. This feature will be available locally inside the house and even remotely over the internet.

With the addition of a Network Video Recorder, all video footage can be recorded on hard drives for playback at a later stage.

The integration of the CCTV system to your home automation system will provide a powerful extension to your overall home security, providing you with peace of mind.


Audio & Video Distribution

Gone are the days of Granny’s old portable radio in every room. Modern smart homes almost always also feature distributed audio and video systems. The addition of speakers throughout the home ensures that music can be streamed to every area of the house easily and independently. A variety of different sources like your favourite radio station or your own music on your iPod can be listened to in any room of the house. This is selectable by means of a control device in the room or your iPad, allowing you to control the music.

Music streaming via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or from the internet is also standard practice nowadays, with a myriad of streaming services like Spotify, Deezer or TuneIn.

No more listening to the crappy speakers on your TV. The distributed audio system will route the TV’s audio through the speakers in the room, allowing you an unforgettable listening experience.

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Just think how many devices uses a connection to the internet these days… All our smart phones, computers, TV’s, entertainment, even our cars. A home’s local data network (LAN) has become an integral part of everyday life. Your home automation system is no different depends on a stable and reliable network. As part of any automation system that we design, we also design your home’s LAN. This includes the 

Wired and Wireless network.

It will allow any of your smart devices to connect to the home’s LAN and control any of the integrated electronic systems.

You can use it to view your cameras, monitor and switch your lights, stream music to your distributed audio system, monitor your pool’s temperature and so much more…

We use only known-brand quality network products with extensive security features and high-bit encryption to ensure network integrity and safety.


Solar & Backup Energy

Green is the new black. We are not staying behind and have networked with industry specialists in the solar energy field to provide us with reliable cost-effective solar solutions for your smart home. As an enhancement to your home automation system, a tailor-made solar solution can be designed for your home. The symbioses between the home automation and solar system will ensure that you get maximum value for your money.

The automation system can ensure that only the necessary electrical loads are switched on during night time when your solar system is run off battery capacity whilst ensuring that maximum benefit is derived from the solar panels during daylight hours when the energy is free. A perfect match.

An added benefit is that none of your essential systems will ever be without power again. The addition of industrial-grade quality surge protection also protects your valuable investment against electrical surges caused by lightning and load-shedding.






Our in-house system designers can design your entire home automation system. As professional systems integrators with many years’ experience in the industry, we offer a consulting service to home owners, as well as electrical engineers and electrical contractors.  This service includes consultation with the client to determine his goals and visions of the proposed systems. At these meetings, aspects like the interior design and aesthetics is also discussed, to even ensure integration with the “look” of the house. The design of all integrated systems includes detailed CAD drawings with cabling layout, distribution board design and layout as well as Bills of Materials. The implementation of the designs is also discussed with the electrical contractor, engineer and interior designer on the project.

Our design service includes project management of the automation installation. At the end of every project, all installation documentation, including software files, will be handed to the client who then takes ownership of the installation and systems


Turnkey Solutions

What about other electronic services? We can help! Our services also include electrical fault-finding, lighting supplies, access control systems, integrated intercom solutions, blind & curtain motors, roller shutters and backup power systems. By default, most people find building projects quite stressful. Add to the mix, the search for reliable, skilled contractors for your electronic & technology services, and you may end up with many regrets…

We are solution driven and offer specialist service to provide you with ancillary electronic services. The benefit to our clients is that they have only ONE point of contact for all their electrical services. We take care of business. No blame-shifting between different contractors. Try us for a hassle-free experience.

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Do you need to design an automated lighting solution for your client and don’t know where to start or what system to use? We can help! As professional systems integrators and qualified electricians with many years’ experience in the industry, we offer a consulting service to electrical engineers and electrical contractors.

Do you need help on designing and implementing a DALI, DSI or 0-10V lighting system, let us help you.

We have done dozens of these kind of installations and can do the designs, drawings and implementation of these systems.

Our range of expertise includes all the different systems that can be integrated into a building automation system like lighting, CCTV, security, audio-visual, access control, data networking systems and more.

Through our network of in-house experts and industry specialists in any of the mentioned areas, our consulting division will be able to assist you with all your design requirements.



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Born and bred in the R of SA, Olanna Technologies operates from our HQ in Centurion, Gauteng but we love travelling. Projects from Namibia to Cape Town, we've done it.

We specialise in residential and commercial building automation and technology integration.

Our solutions include all aspects of smart buildings, automation and systems integration and WE FEAR NO CHALLENGE.

You want stuff that lasts, so do we. Thus, our mission is to provide functional, quality solutions combined with exceptional customer service to create lasting relationships.This can only be done by using reputable brands of product.

Twenty years in the industry taught us many things but 2 remains;

1) There is no such thing as a short-cut.

2) Without our clients, we are nothing.

Our focus is on attention to detail and we aim to be the best in what we do at all times. Your needs and requirements is our main focus when designing and implementing a solution. This ensures that every project is completed on time and in a professional way which will ensure your peace of mind.

Okay, herewith the vital stats:

Company Reg#: 2007/201189/23

VAT#: 4130242268








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